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About the product
PINKLAB: The official brand for eyelash extensions tools... Most trusted brand for eyelash extensions among the beauty professionals and brick & mortar locations nationwide..
Our Lash Perfection adhesive for eyelash extension applications works best with Mink or Silk synthetic lashes.

This powerful bonding adhesive includes 1 free glue ring in each package as complementary, this quick dry is a fast 1-2 seconds in the initial application.
This Specially formulated quick bonding effect is truly a time saver for applications. Includes waterproof formula for quick dry on contact and is easy to use. Retention time is usually 5-6 weeks in favorable humidity levels 55-65
For Professional use only:

Warning "NOT intended for self-applications on yourself "..."OR FOR CLUSTER & LASH STRIPS "

Lash Perfection Lash Adhesive

$39.99 Regular Price
$29.99Sale Price
    • PLEASE NOTE: This glue is for professional use only and not intended for self applications. Licensed professionals only. 

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