About the product

  • Pro-Master Tweezers 14CM has an illustrious finish with lightweight feel & gentle touch on the wrist.
  • This Angle shape neck tweezer is precisely hand calibrated for easy comfort for better visual performance.
  • Our beautiful package offers elite and superb finishes and larger length than our traditional 12cm tweezers this combination has 2 unique important styles, they are absolutely amazing and stunning on for personalizing eyelash extension artistry today. This pack includes the isolation tweezers great for any eyelash artist or student needing the all-inclusive set.
  • This perfect surgical grade tweezer is great for any task to Isolating ultra-fine lashes from (0.07mm, 0.18mm) Or just a simple lash application....All of our tweezer have maximum handling & visibility control while applying lashes.
  • Join us now PINKLAB: Where we are here providing the best eyelash extensions products with superior quality & premium grade ingredients available for you & your clients all at a reasonable price. Try it today the luxury brand for eyelash products........................No min Free shipping

Rev Pro Gold Master Elevation 14CM/2 pack tweezer set/Isolation/by PINKLAB

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  • When dissenfecting, make sure you only dip the tip to preserve the overall color of the tweezer. Tweezer can be used in a UV cabinet for sterilizing.