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  • "The PINKLAB 4 pack set designated for all lash practitioners and artists.
  • This beautiful package offers elite and superb finishes and deep depth firmness grip than our traditional 12cm tweezers this combination has 4 unique important styles, Curve, 120 degrees, 45 degrees, Straight, they are absolutely amazing and stunning on for personalizing eyelash extension artistry today. This pack includes multi isolation volume and single tweezers great for any eyelash artist or student needing the all-inclusive set.
  • Variety is important for all types of work especially needing to tailor to specific jobs. This is why our 4 unique tweezers are carefully inspected to the right calibration and weight for precise optimal performance.
  • These perfect tweezer are ready to go to any task to fanning ultra-fine lashes (0.02mm, 0.25mm) or just a simple application.
  • Join us now PINKLAB: Where we are here providing the best eyelash extensions products with superior quality & premium grade ingredients available for you & your clients all at a reasonable price.                 
  • Try it today the luxury brand for eyelash products..

Rev Pro Master 4 pack tweezer set / Curve / 120 Iso /45 Iso/ Straight/by PINKLAB

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