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Gluing artificial eyelashes with tweezer
eyelash extension

 Join our Award-winning training program today.

Chosen best of New York City for Eyelash Training, we proudly offer our proprietary PINKLAB MDLA training courses to all Beauty Schools and state licensed professionals. Our various training courses accommodate beginner and advanced students. 

Our rigorous Eyelash Training modules were designed with our beauty students in mind. Post-curriculum workshops are available to all graduates. Students are encouraged to continue hands-on training and practice with live models for 300 hours before entering the work place.

Eyelash Extensions

-The Culture That is Here To Stay

Getting eyelash extensions has become part of routine maintenance for many. While it was hottest trend in beauty, it has become part of a beauty culture and here to stay. As a much sought-after service globally, top-paying jobs are available for professional artists offering expertise in this area. The hiring process for experienced technicians is coming up short due to the lack artists to fulfill the high demanding position. 

Join us in becoming the best eyelash artist and or trainer with PINKLAB.

Professional Education Overview

We are able to offer students the unique opportunity to learn directly from the industry’s most experienced instructors. Our apprentiship-style training is based entirely upon fully accredited training programs and certifications. Through observing, practicing, teaching and assisting, eyelash technicians and practicing instructors , master a deep understanding of the foundations of eyelash extensions applications from a medical and artistic perspective. Our students develop strong skills and learn a large variety of styles and modifications that prepares them for working with a wide range of client needs. Our staff of highly experienced Instructor Trainers, have over 10 years of teaching and training. This esteemed staff provides mentorship and guidance to participants throughout the program to ensure continued progression and optimum opportunity for learning. No other program can match the experience of our fundamentals and trained instructors. Participants complete our program as skilled qualified eyelash technicians and or instructors with a deep knowledge of the work and a strong confidence in their abilities. Because of this, our programs are highly sought after and we are able to lead our students to business success!

***Classes disponibles en Español.


***Classes are available in English, Spanish and Russian. Training in any other language is also provided. Please call us to request a training in your language. Additional fees may apply. 


New to the industry? No Worries! We are here to help you. 


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