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eyelash extensions tweeezers
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Our natural lashes are so unique in curl type, texture, and lengths. Creating extensions that can fit your client's own initially proved a challenge. Our product development team has put together the best this industry can offer. Our curl types are so unique, they blend so well with natural lashes.

Tailoring properly to the right specifications for a flawless and weightless feel giving your clients a perfect look. 

We created a marvelous flexible matte synthetic mink curl that adheres perfectly with our Lash Perfection adhesive.

Our products combined create lasting retention which is our key formula for client satisfaction, success and optimal performance.

Join us now and let the art you create be unleashed.




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"Great lashes don't just happen, they are designed"

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eyelash extensions tweezers
eyelash extensions tweezers
Eyelash extensions tweezers
eyelash extension tweezers
eyelashe extension tweezers
eyelash extensions tweezers
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