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  • Our Pro-Master tweezer has an illustrious finish with a lightweight feel & gentle touch on the wrist.
  • The 45 shape neck tweezer is precisely hand calibrated for easy comfort for better visual performance.
  • This fine tweezer used for any style of eyelash extension recommended for all artist or students needing a specialized handy tool.
  • A Perfect assistant for "separating" ultra-fine lashes when you are ready to encounter for most maneuvers from (0.03mm, 0.20mm) lashes.
  • This isolation tweezer is a helpful resourceful little tool ready to assist for 5D-10D action for all lash artist and upcoming students.
  • Designed to reduce any hand fatigue while still having flexibility for maximum control & visibility when applying lashes.
  • Please note: tips are very sharp and delicate not to be discarded as a heavy item as tips can be dulled or damaged if not handled with care.

Rev Pro Master 45 degree Tweezer

SKU: 086547421000AC
$32.99 Regular Price
$26.00Sale Price
  • When dissenfecting, make sure you only dip the tip to preserve the overall color of the tweezer. Tweezer can be used in a UV cabinet for sterilizing.

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